Battle Plan for the Resistance

If you see ICE activity in your town

Film them. Call all your friends and post on social media for people to join you in filming them. Follow them. Update their location on social media. Inform people who are being targeted of their rights. “You don’t have to say anything without a lawyer present. You don’t have to open the door to ICE. You don’t have to let ICE into the non-public areas of your business like the kitchen.”

If you have an ICE Field Office, ICE detention facility, or private prison used for housing immigrants near your town

It is not necessary for everyone to travel to the border to be on the front line of this struggle. If you have an ICE field office nearby (there are 24 in the country) then you have a perfect target for effective direct actions.

If someone in your community is ordered by ICE to report to the airport for deportation

You can go to the airport with flyers with the person’s name and photo. Inform the passengers and airline employees that it only takes one person to refuse to put on their seatbelt or to sit in their seat, in order to stop a deportation and save a life.

Beyond immigration

Closing concentration camps, preventing any more deaths, and stopping the terrorization of immigrants in the US is an urgent life-or-death issue.

If your congressperson has not yet signed on to Rashida Tlaib’s impeachment resolution

Attend every townhall and public meeting with your congressional rep and publicly pressure them to sign on to impeachment.

How many people do you need for a successful direct action?

Probably fewer than you think. The Detroit ICE field office closures were done with from 15–30 people depending on the day. A single woman stopped the deportation of an Afghan refugee by refusing to take her seat on a plane, and was joined by other passengers standing up, including part of a sports team.



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